5 Creative and fun ways to get your daily protein in! 

Protein powder is a great option to ensure that you’re meeting your body’s protein needs. But if you thought that smoothies and shakes were the only things that you could make with your protein powder, you couldn’t be more wrong! 

Here are 5 creative, super easy, and tasty ways to get your daily protein in!

  1. Power up your breakfast 

Breakfast may or may not be the most important meal of the day in your book (we’re firmly in the former camp btw), but there’s no harm in giving it a little extra protein punch. For instance, if your go-to breakfast is oatmeal, just add a scoop of protein powder to your oatmeal. Or if you’re feeling a little more inspired, add some strawberries (or any other berry that you like) and cook your oats for a few minutes. You could make a healthier version of pancakes with protein powder, whole oats, Greek yogurt and milk. Another idea is to add protein powder to your waffle mix, and whip up some deliciously healthy waffles.  

  1. Add it to your beloved coffee or matcha tea. 

If you’re reading this and thinking ‘whaaaa?’, don’t worry, we did too for a hot minute. But for real, adding some of your favourite vanilla flavoured protein powder to your favourite drink gives you the caffeine you need to get going and the protein you need to keep going. If you’re a habitual breakfast skipper, this one is most definitely for you. 

  1. Sneak some into your favourite snacks and treats. 

Let’s face it – we all reach for the snack tin at least once a day, if not more. Since you’re snacking anyway, you might as well make them treats count for something more than empty calories. Muffins. Pudding. Mug cakes. Banana bread. Cookies. Popcorn. A dash of protein powder (or maybe a little more) makes them all heartier snacks with a side of de-li-cious. 

  1. Healthify your everyday staples. 

Stir some flavourless protein powder into your potato bhaji or mashed potatoes. Sprinkle some on a fruit salad. Amp up your pizza crust and chapati-sabzi by adding some to the dough. Add a dash to  your homemade hummus or scrambled. Toss some into your pasta sauce or soup, and more. There’s no reason why your dinners and lunches can’t be healthier, without changing up the flavour. 

  1. Make your own Protein bars 

Yes, there are a dime a dozen of these out there on supermarket shelves, but why buy them when you can make your own? They’re perfect for midday or post workout snacking, and you can add in your favourite nuts, dry fruits and chocolate of course. Et voila, customised protein bars, exactly how you want them. 

Protein powder is a versatile ingredient and can be added to pretty much any dish without affecting its flavour. And you don’t have to be a fitness freak or an athlete to enjoy the benefits of a protein boost to your diet, so long as you ensure that you’re getting the right amount for your body – you can calculate that number here. Brands like Origin Nutrition offer high quality vegan powders that are both flavoured and unflavoured, so you can have your mug cake and your chappatis too! So go on, get creative – and tell us about your kitchen experiments. We’d love to hear from you and might even feature your creations on our website.