About us

It all began with a quest. Chirag was looking for a clean, tasty, nutritious protein that was good on the tummy and happy for the soul. But this quest was not without challenges. Being lactose-intolerant was a major hurdle, especially when you’re born in a dairy-loving Punjabi family!  

He discovered how vegan protein had impressive effects on his diet and body, but then had to battle irregular markets, unreliable availability, inferior quality and unreasonable prices. In true entrepreneur fashion, he was spurred on to find a better solution. Fortunately, the answer was close to home! 

Aditi, backed by years of managing a food business, suggested a practical approach – if we can’t find it, let’s make it! And so, after many trials, errors and striving to create that perfectly balanced taste, Origin Nutrition was born. The journey from inspiration to impact has been long but worthwhile. Origin nails taste tests like no other in the market. With Aditi’s food formulation experience and Chirag’s business acumen, Origin is on its way to making the world a happier place. A great love story if there ever was one!

Beyond clean


At Origin, we follow a ‘Clean Please’ philosophy from start to finish. We ensure you consume products that pass the highest safety and quality standards, while also being natural and effective. Our product lines are compliant with transparent supply chain measures where traceability is guaranteed from crop to consumer. This chain of quality continues into our very own manufacturing unit, owned and operated by Team Origin, to ensure the highest quality and the happiest you!

Super Foods You Can Trust


Every single ingredient in a pack of Origin protein is 100% clean. Even the flavours. No additives or toxins and no GMO. We carefully supervise each and every ingredient throughout its processing lifetime. We trust ourselves to deliver the healthiest nutrition to you and make sure our complete supply chain is completely reliable too. Clean ingredients and careful preparation – that’s what makes our nutrition super!

Consciously crafted. For you and the planet.


Our products are Clean, Non GMO, and proudly animal friendly. No animals are harmed at any point of our manufacturing process, nor will they ever be. Plant-Based food processing reduces greenhouse emissions and follows exemplary sustainability measures, making it 100% clean for you and good for the planet. We make sure we do our bit to reduce our footprint on the planet, and we know you’ll be happy doing that too!

We care about you. And our community too.


By choice and circumstance, our manufacturing unit in Chennai is an all-women unit, a significant cause that’s particularly close to our founders’ hearts. Aware of the huge employment challenges that many women face in the country, Aditi and Chirag were determined to create a positive impact on the local community. So, that delicious taste you get also means happy faces for us.

Meet the Founders

Aditi Mammen Gupta

The creator

Foodie is an understatement to describe Aditi. More like Good Foodie! Founder and expert food formulator at Origin Nutrition, Aditi always finds inspiration in travel and exploring local cuisines. Her passion is to make food nutritious and interesting for children. She loves interacting with the women at the manufacturing unit, considers morning coffee time as sacred and watches TED Talks for fun. Explore Aditi’s fun & healthy recipes on her blog Kitchen Chronicles By Aditi and connect with Aditi on Instagram @aditimammengupta.

Chirag Gupta

The catalyst

The ‘brainwave’, not just the brains of the Origin family, Chirag doesn’t just dream of a happier world, he makes it happen. Co-founder and health buff, he believes that the proof is in the pudding. Sometimes, literally! From sourcing to delivery, Chirag gets it done! He enjoys his everyday workout, loves quiet early mornings and to-do lists, and is a serial “email checker”! But he starts it all with a strawberry Origin protein shake for breakfast! It’s his favourite flavour, but he may never admit it! Connect with Chirag on LinkedIn.

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