After The Parties, Comes The Hair Care

It’s that time of the year. Festival season has winded down and it’s back to the day to day. Back
from holidays, back to work, back to the everyday of it all. It’s also a great time to press the
reset button on your care routines. For some of us, that’s diet and exercise, skin care, or if
you’re anything like this writer, hair care. After a season of blow drys and straightening irons,
sprays and serums, clips and pins, Here are some things that you can do to restore your
crowning glory to its best.

  1. Cleanse cleanse cleanse.
    And by this I mean wash your hair just enough to get all the product out but not so much that
    you strip all the moisture out. Use a gentle shampoo, ideally one that’s made from natural
    ingredients. Also, you don’t have to wash your hair everyday.
  2. Condition.
    Conditioning your hair after you’ve washed it allows you to replenish and seal in moisture. Your
    hair needs this to remain soft and manageable and frizz free. Ideally, you want to condition your
    hair every time you wash it, though there are those that might condition without washing. If you
    have the time, you could try a deep conditioning treatment before you wash your hair, or a hair
    masque after you’ve washed it.
  3. Hydrate.
    You’ve heard that drinking water is great for skin health. Newsflash: it’s also great for your hair.
    Did you know that water makes up almost 25% of a single strand of hair? So make sure you
    keep a bottle of water handy. Also great are smoothies and juices, especially green ones.
  4. Eat right.
    You are what you eat – by now this is not news to you. But the adage holds good for your hair
    health as well. Incorporating foods such as spinach, berries, nuts and seeds, sweet potatoes,
    legumes and soya, are a great idea for healthier hair and to boost hair overall health.
  5. Go natural.
    Give your hair a break from all the products that you put into it. If you can, ditch the serums, the
    creams, the irons and dryers, and embrace your natural look.
  6. Go back to the basics.
    Our grandmothers were onto something when they would spend hours applying oil and
    massaging our scalps. A good massage stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which is important
    for hair growth. Oil defends your hair against damage from heat. Pre-conditioning your hair
    before washing it with coconut, olive or almond oil, or even a combination of the three is a great
    way to pamper your mane.
  7. Destress.

It’s well-established that stress and ill-health also take a toll on your hair health, leading to hair
loss and premature greying. Pressing reset on your mental health with mindful practices such as
regular exercise, meditation and getting 7-8 hours of sleep also promote better hair health.

  1. Try a supplement.
    The market has a variety of gummies and supplements to support hair and nail health, but our
    favourite by far is Biotin. Origin Nutrition’s Biotin is plant-based. Extracted from natural Sesbania
    Agati, it has high bioavailability and greater absorption rates. It also contains 7 superfoods,
    including bamboo extract, lycopene, pomegranate extracts and amla to promote healthier hair,
    skin and nails.
    The bottom line, your hair health, like your overall health, is affected by a number of factors
    including sleep, diet, hydration and environment. The festive season, while tons of fun, does
    have an effect on both as you’ve stepped out of routine for a little while. So now, as you return
    to normal life after a whirl of parties and fun, take some time out for some self-care. And
    remember, a little goes a long way!