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Chilli Oil Garlic Noodles


🔸250 grams Udon noodle or any wheat noodles of choice cooked according to package directions
🔸1 tsp garlic minced
🔸1 tsp red pepper flakes
🔸1 tsp jaggery
🔸1/2 scoop Origin Nutrition Unflavoured Protein
🔸2 tsp regular soy sauce (not light or dark!)
🔸1/2 tbsp sesame oil
🔸2 tbsp green onion finely chopped
🔸3 tbsp avocado oil or any neutral tasting oil


  1. Add the ingredients as shown in the video along with Origin Nutrition Vegan Protein Powder (Unflavoured)
  2. Add the boiled noodles to the spicy blend and mix well.
  3. Garnish it with more chilly flakes & sesame seeds.
  4. Dive in for a zesty and tangy treat!