Ring out the old, ring in the new. It’s been quite the year for all of us – and
as we collectively complete another trip around the sun, it’s only natural to
want to celebrate the start of the new year with family and friends. Of
course, doing this as a vegan has its challenges – but don’t worry, we’ve got
you covered!

  1. Start with what you know.
    Whether you’re a newbie to the vegan and plant-based life or an old-
    hand, it’s always a great idea to make a list – mental or written – of
    your favourite meals and dishes as this gives you a great starting point
    to get things started.
  2. Plan the meal well in advance.
    Is two weeks enough time? Just about. Some things to consider: how
    many courses do you want to serve? Is the vibe formal, semi-formal or
    casual? How many people are you catering for? Remember,
    procrastination is a recipe for disaster.
  3. Create your menu.
    No, this doesn’t have to mean endless lists and excel sheets. Yes, it
    does mean maybe doing a bit of research so that you’re able to dish
    out a truly memorable meal. While it may be tempting to let the salads
    and finger foods do the heavy lifting, there are a number of hearty,
    easy-to-cook mains that will have your guests coming back for more.
  4. Veganize your favourite dishes.
    Yep, you read that right. Got a favourite pasta sauce, curry or cake?
    See how you can veganizeit by swapping out the non-vegan
    ingredients with plant-based substitutes. It’s easier than you think –
    and there are tons of resources online to help you do this.
  5. Go DIY!
    Put together a DIY station where your guests can perhaps assemble
    their own pizzas, tacos, wraps or even burgers. All you’d need to do is
    have the bases and a selection of toppings on hand.
  6. Amuse their bouche!
    A great way to get the party started is with an interesting aperitif or
    pre-meal snack. Think crackers with interesting dips, chocolate-dipped
    fruits and nuts, mini vegan pancakes with compote and yogurt, bite-
    sized bits of toast with fun toppings – you get the general idea.
  7. Take a few moments to focus on aesthetics.
    The devil may very be in the details – and even the smallest touches
    can make a difference. Think a pretty centerpiece, little arrangements
    around the table, or a hero dish that is served up artfully, cute place
    cards to identify the dishes. Also give some thought to your
    dinnerware – do you have a theme?
  8. Think libations.
    It ain’t a NY party without something to toast the new year with. But
    not all wines are created equal. Take some time to consider what
    apertifs and beverages you want to serve with your meal, and maybe
    even research or create a signature drink for the day.
  9. Have fun.
    If you’re a relaxed host, your guests will be relaxed too. A few party
    games and the right music are sure to break the ice and get your
    guests in the right mood to have fun.
    A few other handy tips that we’ve gleaned from friends and family:
    – Seasonal ingredients are your friends as they are readily available and can
    pack in a ton of flavour to enhance your dishes, without a ton of effort.
    – A little planning goes a long way – so make a timeline for the dishes in
    your menu. This way, you can start your prep even a day or two in advance
    and won’t be rushing around on the day.
    – Create a theme. This gives you something to work with aesthetically as
    well as in your choice of dishes.
    – Be smart about your choices. One-pot dishes and tray bakes are great for
    larger groups – think tarts, stews, roasted veggies and curries.

So there you have it – our tips for hosting a great vegan-themed New Year
party. Our recipe section has some great dishes that you can try, so be sure
to check them out when you’re thinking about your menu. And as always, if
you want to pack in an extra protein punch with all the flavours you’re
dishing out, you can add a scoop or two of your favourite protein powder to
your dish.