Silver bells are ringing, choirs of angelic children are singing. The end of the year is in sight – time to make some goals. Here’s a thought: why not give yourself and them the gift of a subscription for a healthier, happier New Year.

Yes, we know, this is a #productplug but hear us out! You’re on this journey because you want to better your life and health – for whatever reason. And the good lord knows that there’s plenty to worry about without adding to the list. Getting the right amount of protein every day shouldn’t have to be one of them, and since we happen to be experts in the area, we want to help.

If you’ve been trying to build a healthy protein routine or know someone who is, then our subscription plan is perfect for you. Here are three important reasons why:

  1. You won’t ever run out of your favourite protein powder. We offer four delicious flavours plus an unflavoured variant that you can add to your favourite shakes, desserts and dishes. And with a subscription, you won’t ever have to deal with the catastrophe of running out of protein.
  1. No more self-blame and recriminations. Because we’ve got you covered, ensuring that you have adequate supplies to meet your protein requirements for the day is one thing you can knock off your to-do list. Bonus, you also spare loved ones, your dog or cat the job of reminding you to stock up.
  1. You save up to 15%. Yep, that’s right! Not only are you giving yourself or that loved one or friend the best tasting, 100% natural vegan protein that is also plant-based  out there (that’s quite a mouthful to say!) to improve protein intake, but you’re also saving a bunch of money in the process.

Bonus – because we’re just fun like that, you also get our spanking new Christmas cookbook in your mailbox, free.

So there you have it – a plan for a healthier, happier you (or someone), a few clicks away. Might we also add, since it’s the season for gifting and giving, that we also have some really fun (and healthy) hampers that would truly make someone’s day? Happy Holidays!