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Coconut and Chocolate Vegan Protein Bars


1/ 2 cups Almond butter 

1.5 tbsp Coconut oil

1/3 cup Maple syrup

1/ 2 cup Origin Nutrition Vegan Protein (Chocolate)

1 cup Oats

1 tbsp Flax Seeds

1/3 cup Grated Fresh Coconut

2 tbsp Chocolate chips

1tsp Coconut Oil


Mix the peanut butter and Origin protein powder together well.

Spread it on 3 pieces of bread. Spread the jam on the remaining 3 pieces. Sandwich both together. 

Using a cookie cutter or the top of a small tin, cut out the bread into circular shapes.

Place 2 chocolate chips on each circular sandwich as eyes and 3 mini pretzels on either sides of the bread as spider legs.

Your Spooky sandwiches are ready!