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Going Vegan Guide (The secret path & how long it REALLY takes)

You must be one of the millions of people considering becoming vegan. More people than ever are becoming aware of the impact our diets have on animal welfare, climate change, and our health. Whether you’re curious about vegetarianism or want to go vegan, this guide is for you! Our mission is to provide the most relevant information to new vegans and flexitarians in India. To accomplish this, we will keep our guide up to date so that every bite counts. Contrary to popular belief, starting a vegan lifestyle is about broadening your options! You’ll be surprised at how many plant-based versions of your favorite dishes exist. The pace you take tells the story, and there’s a lot of power in that.

Knowing where to begin is frequently the most difficult challenge. The internet is full of information on what to eat when going vegan, but it may not answer all of your questions and concerns. You may have heard that 84% of vegans and vegetarians eventually return to eating meat, citing fatigue, social obstacles, and an inadequate diet as the primary reasons for this controversial decision. The good news is that you don’t have to lose sleep over these depressing statistics. Preparation is essential if you want to learn how to begin a vegan diet that will not fail and leave you unsatisfied in the long run.

The key to success is research. Your first assignment will be to become acquainted with the concept of veganism and the nutritional aspects of following a plant-based diet. Then, before you dive headfirst into this new lifestyle, you should thoroughly research your nutritional needs and how to meet them. This includes looking up vegan recipes you’ll like, looking for new plant-based ingredients, and figuring out where to get groceries and where to eat out. You also don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Look for vegan Facebook groups in your area and join the conversation with an open heart. Long-term vegans have faced the same challenges as you, and they are the best people to seek advice from, especially if you don’t know any other vegans in real life!

Know your reason for going Vegan:

What was that factor that drove you to decide to give veganism a try in the first place? There are three main reasons why people worldwide choose to become vegan. Identify your why, comprehend it completely, and remind yourself of it when your motivation begins to decline. A person can take the call of going vegan due to any or the combination of the following reasons. 

  • Health Reasons:

This is the best way to live if you have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or obesity. Veganism has been shown to not only reduce and manage symptoms but also completely reverse them. Protein is important to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Sourcing the required amount of protein just from a vegan diet is a bit difficult. However, you can choose to supplement it by consuming vegan protein powder by Origin Nutrition. 

  • Environmental Reasons:

As animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change, adopting a vegan diet is the best path for the environmentally conscious who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Ethical Reasons:

Veganism is a lifestyle that promotes the avoidance of all animal products and animal exploitation, including clothing and entertainment. Animal rights are at the heart of veganism, and even those who are not interested in animal welfare should learn about the history of this diet and belief. You might even find a passionate animal rights activist within you!

Pick the right time to go Vegan:

There is nothing wrong with waiting until the New Year to begin a plant-based diet. Indeed, making the veg pledge alongside many other people looking to better themselves can help you commit to becoming vegan. You will not be an outcast! It is critical to have strong social support, so going vegan with a friend, partner, or family member can do wonders for your motivation. Choose the best time for your schedule. If you have a very busy month ahead of you, the amount of research and new habits to implement may become too much to handle when you know you’ll have time for nutritional research and trying out new restaurants and going vegan. A stress-free, gradual transition to a vegan lifestyle will ensure that your vegan journey is as enjoyable as possible!

The time frame to go Vegan:

Many vegans became vegan overnight, while many others became vegetarian first. Some people were vegetarian for weeks, months, or decades. There’s no specific time frame for one to transition into a Vegan. All it takes is a determination to follow the diet.