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High Protein Granola Bars


Oats – 120 Grams
Chopped Almonds – 50 Grams
Peanuts – 30 Grams
Cranberry – 30 Grams
Chocolate chips – 20 Grams
Honey – 60 Grams
Origin Nutrition’s Daily Vegan Protein Powder (Chocolate flavour) – 2 Scoops


1.Roast the oats, almonds and peanuts. Then pour them in a bowl.
2.In same bowl add cranberry, chocolate chips, protein powder.
3.Pour honey and combine all the ingredients well till coated with honey nicely.
4.Line a mould with parchment paper and pour the mix. Tap the mix to flatten and refrigerate for 3 hours.
5.Cut into rectangle bars and serve.