Let us paint a couple of scenarios for you. It’s around 11:30 in the morning, 4 hours
after breakfast. You’re working from home and are already on your third call for the day.
Your colleague is waxing poetic about the latest trend in the industry – a new tool to
write content, let’s say, but you can’t concentrate. Because your stomach is rumbling,
loudly. Or perhaps it is closer to 5 in the evening. Your day is about done – you just
have to get through this last task. Unfortunately, your concentration has scattered to the
four winds as your stomach creates a new tune with its rumbling.

We’ve all experienced these between-meal pangs that have us reaching for the snack
box. However, the type of snack that you choose determines how the rest of your day
(or night) goes and if you’ll make it to the next meal without needing another snack. It’s
easy to reach for a candy bar or a bag of chips or cookies, but these aren’t ideal, and
will often leave you feeling tired and hungry sooner rather than later. What you actually
need is a wholesome, healthy snack that packs a protein punch. That’s because your
body takes longer to break protein down – resulting in a longer, steadier release of
energy that also stabilizes your sugar levels.

Here’s a round up of our favorite protein-rich, vegan snacks that you should keep handy
to stave off the mid-morning or mid-afternoon cravings between your meals.

  1. Trail mix – A great trail mix has dried fruit, nuts, and seeds, perhaps with a little
    bit of chocolate as well. To up the protein content in your mix, use almonds or
    pistachios that are slightly higher in protein than other types of nuts (like cashews
    or walnuts).
  2. Apple with peanut butter – Apples with peanut butter are a favored snack of
    many people, including this writer. They taste great together and make for a high-
    protein, fiber-rich snack.
  3. Protein bites, balls, or bars – Regardless of the shape you choose, these are a
    great option that you can make ahead of time and keep handy for when those
    hunger pangs hit. We also love them as they can be made from simple
    ingredients at home, such as oats, dates, nuts, nut butter, seeds and protein
    powder. Here’s a recipe for Peanut Butter Protein Balls.
  4. Hummus and veggies – A simple, nutrient-dense, healthy snack, hummus and
    veggies deliver a fiber (from the veggies) and protein (thank you, chickpeas)
    punch that is great for you. Most of us don’t meet our veggie quota for the day
    and this snack is a great way to do that. Here’s our favorite hummus recipe.
  5. Homemade granola bars – made from rolled oats, nuts, dried fruit, and a
    sweetener like honey, gently baked to perfection, granola is a rather protein and
    calorie-rich snack that can be quite filling. Store bought granola tends to be pretty
    high in sugar – we recommend making your own.
  6. Chia pudding – this protein-rich snack is easy to whip up. All you have to do is
    add the milk of your choice to the seeds, give it a stir and let time do the rest.
    Then top up with your favorite fruits (we recommend apples, bananas,
    strawberries, blueberries), maybe some granola and eat! Here’s a recipe that you
    can try.
  7. Roasted or air-fried chickpeas – The humble chickpea, a staple in many of our
    homes, is an excellent source of protein and fiber and therefore makes for an
    excellent snack. Not in the mood to make hummus? Simply roast them or air fry
    them with your favorite seasoning (salt, chilli, pepper) and take them with you to
    work or play.
  8. A protein shake – There’s nothing like getting your protein (and snack on) from
    the real thing, but more often than not, who has the time? A protein shake is a
    great option to sneak protein and other nutrients into your day, and satiate your

cravings. We of course recommend our vegan Origin Nutrition protein powder
that’s made from plant protein and comes in a range of flavors to keep your day

Feeling hungry between meals is pretty common, and you shouldn’t starve yourself.
Instead of reaching for store-bought sugar- and carb-heavy snacks, switch to a high
protein one that will keep you full and satisfied longer. Your body will thank you for it.