Maximising Your Workout: Protein Shake – Pre or Post? 

The timing of protein intake with exercise is one of the major fitness controversies. Depending on who you ask, pre-workout protein or post-workout protein is the best way to grow muscle. While it is undeniably crucial to fuel your workouts with protein, it is time to finish the discussion and throw out the blender once and for all. (pun intended) 

So, which is better—drinking a protein shake before or after exercise? Sincerely, the decision is yours. It largely depends on your demands, way of life, and objectives. You should emphasize obtaining your recommended daily intake of protein from a variety of sources, and you can add protein drinks as needed.

Furthermore, protein doesn’t necessarily need to be consumed in the form of shakes. Getting the appropriate nutrients into your body is more important. You should consume something before and after working out because protein and carbs are the two main energy sources. 

A protein shake before or after your workout? 

Once more, the decision rests with you and is based on your objectives. For protein smoothies, try out Origin Nutrition’s daily plant-based protein powder. They are a fantastic way to increase your daily protein consumption, but when you consume them are less crucial than you probably realize. To maximize muscle gain, you should consume enough protein throughout the day and space your pre-and post-workout meals no more than four to six hours apart. 

Pros of a protein shake before a workout 

  • Energy Boost: One of the major advantages of consuming protein shakes before working out is that they provide you with an energy boost and offer enough nutrients to keep you going through the workout without making you feel as though you’re out of gas in the middle of it. Why is this such a big deal? The most muscle can be built and the most fat can be burned if you maximize the amount of effort you put into your activity. All enormous victories!
  • Muscle growth: You don’t have to be concerned that you won’t make any gains because they promote muscle building just as much as drinking protein drinks after working out. Protein comprises necessary amino acids, which are the building blocks of muscle fibres, as you are probably aware. Pre-workout protein can be beneficial since it can be quickly absorbed and delivered to muscle cells to encourage growth.
  • Feeling satiated : If you haven’t eaten for a few hours before your workout, eating protein can make you feel nourished and fuller.
  • Fat loss support : Protein drinks can greatly increase the amount of energy and fat your body burns after a workout if you’re attempting to reduce fat.Okay, so there are a lot of benefits to consuming a protein shake before working out.  

Pros of a protein shake after workout 

  • Muscle Repair: It is true that muscles get damaged during exercise, a window of time known as the anabolic period allows for muscle restoration. A protein shake or high-protein snack helps with muscle repair after a hard workout. There has been a lot of research that suggests that if you are weight training, then to gain muscle it is very crucial to have a protein shake after it. 
  • Easier Digestion: Protein post-workout has the obvious advantage of being simpler to digest than a complete meal. You won’t feel overloaded or crash after a blood sugar increase that can occur if you eat a meal with a lot of sugary carbs if you drink a plant-based post-workout shake instead. Having a protein shake after your workout is a terrific way to nourish your body without spending too much time cooking a full breakfast especially when you have busy mornings. 
  • Hydration: A post-workout protein smoothie also has the advantage of replacing some of the fluids you lost while working out.  Having that protein shake will also help you stay hydrated, which is beneficial. We want to aim to drink at least half our body weight, in ounces, each day and then more with exercise.

In short, there are not many cons to this and there isn’t a single best moment to consume a protein shake. You should do whatever suits your needs and timetable the best. To help your muscles grow and repair, you should really concentrate on consuming enough protein each day. And remember, don’t consume it all at once! You could be doing yourself harm if you eat too much protein at one meal but not enough at others.