The top 5 reasons to switch to plant protein


Protein. You can’t live without it. Your muscles need it to rebuild. Your immune system needs it to do its job. Your body needs it to produce the hormones that keep it going, regulate the fluid in your system and more. Yet, your body doesn’t make or store it – so it’s up to you to ensure that your body gets an adequate supply of the stuff.

Most people associate animal-meats with high protein food: chicken, turkey, fish, pork, eggs.
Yet, you can also get all the protein that you need from plant-based products too (with a few added benefits). Here are 5 great reasons to switch:

1. The Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients? These are compounds in plants that give them their colours, flavours and aromas. They also strengthen the plant’s immune system and protect it from excessive sun and disease. 

Phytonutrients protect humans against chronic illnesses, and are believed to have properties that protect against cancer and heart disease.

2. Your muscles repair themselves faster.

Amino acids make up many of our cells and tissues. When you work out and are trying to build muscle, your body essentially breaks down the muscle and rebuilds it. In the process, your body loses some of the amino acids that it needs. 

The amino acids from a plant-based protein can help you replace the ones that you lose, and speed up the muscle rebuilding process. It also helps with some of the soreness and fatigue that you feel after a tough workout.

3. You meet your body’s iron requirements.

While red meat has traditionally been considered a great source of iron, do you know what else is? Plant-based protein, particularly if it is pea-based.

4. No more hunger pangs and hangry binges!

A great benefit of a diet that is high-protein, is that you remain full for a longer period of time. That’s because your body takes longer to break down proteins. And when you’re not fighting higher pangs, you’re less likely to snack on food that isn’t good for you. 

Plant-based foods are also rich in fibre, which is great for your gut health. (Bonus: you’re also more energised because your body isn’t using as much energy to fight hunger pangs and sugar dips!)

5. You live longer

While you might not live forever, plant protein certainly helps you live longer. Research tells us that it can boost immunity and protect against cancer and heart disease, chronic illness and infection. And who doesn’t want that?

Bonus: you’re doing the environment some good too!

Greenhouse gases are one of the leading causes of global warming. Cattle rearing is the primary agricultural contributor to greenhouse gases, across the world. 

Switching to a plant-based protein reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, consumption of freshwater and more, all of which is better for the environment. 

Ready to flip to the plant side? 

As Indians, we already eat a decent amount of plant-based food. That said, calculating how much protein you’re getting out of your diet can get tricky. There’s also the hassle of buying and cooking these foods. The easier solution is to turn to a supplement like a great tasting, easy to make protein powder that you can turn into a delicious shake or smoothie. Origin Nutrition is a great all-natural, vegan protein that is carefully sourced and prepared so you have all the nutrition you need, without breaking a sweat. Bon appetit!